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Top Shelf Mexican Restaurant

: 21910 N. 83rd Ave. Peoria, AZ.
Mexican food. If you are into great mexican food, like I am, then you will enjoy going to Top Shelf more than one visit.

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  • legendrepat Jan 04, 2008

    I have been going to Top Shelf Restaurants for 15 years. Sadly, tonight was the first time I have felt it to be a mistake. We arrived at the Peoria Top Shelf at 7:30 pm on Sunday evening. For approximately 10 minutes, there were 5 staff members socializing with one another at the front counter. After waiting 20 minutes for a table for 2, we were finally directed to our table. Top Shelf prides itself on being a family restaurant, so it is not unreasonable to expect to find a few chips on the floor here or there. But tonight the restaurant was in total squallor. The floor was covered with broken chips, candy wrappers, pieces of foil, and plastic fork. At the table where we were seated, there was no place to put our feet that was not covered with chips or chip dust, so it was impossible not to crunch and grind more chip dust into the carpet. Additional broken chips were beneath several tables and booths in the area, and were on the seats at tables that had been cleaned and were "ready for use". Several tables in the area that had been cleaned (including ours) still had chip fragments and salt granules across the tops.

    After we were seated, we were handed our own placemats and napkins to set out for ourselves. We also waited apx 10 minutes for a bowl of broken chip pieces (not entire chips like we had received in the past.) The salsa was good, but it was not easy to keep the salsa off of our fingers and on the chips! An advertisement for chicken tortilla soup was on the table, but the price for the item was not listed on the advertisement or on the menu. The waitress was not aware of the price of the item either, and had to go check. We didn't order it. Finally, the food was good, although very hot, and the waitress was polite and did warn us about the hot plates.

    We took photographs on our cellular phone and showed them to the manager on duty before leaving. The only thing she did about it was say, "it's embarrassing, and I am going to find out who should be taking care of this." What should have been more embarrassing was that she was unaware of the condition of the dining room, and that we had to show her photos to get someone to clean it up! Since it was apparently acceptable for the dining room to look like that, I hope the same people are not in charge of cleaning the kitchen.

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Top Shelf Mexican Restaurant
21910 N. 83rd Ave. Peoria, AZ.

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