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Walmart - Windsor East

: 7100 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor
: (519) 945-3065
Store Hours (Store Number: 3115)
Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 11:00pm
Sat: 7:00am - 11:00pm
Sun: 7:00am - 11:00pm

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Dec 23, 2013

    Just have one question - why is the dental & cosmetics always so poorly stocked in the East Windsor store. I have deliberately gone into the store at different times and it is always the same. When finally tracking down a clerk they always say the same - "We must be out of stock". In fact, I overheard a customer ask a clerk in Cosmetics about Vit.E face cream - clerk said if it isn't on the shelf then there is none (didn't even attempt to help customer). Well, I interrupted and told the customer that Jamison's has an excellent Vit.E cream and it is found in the aisle with their vitamins. She was so thankful. I think clerk was annoyed with me. Anyways, quite often I end up going across to Zehrs - they are quite competitive with WalMart.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Aug 21, 2012

    Hello i'm not looking to reward me as a customer at the wal-mart in either way if i was complaining or not,if i have a suggestion or not but just wondering as a customer at the wal-mart in windsor,ontario my wife and i spend at the wal-mart every week at least 70.00$ sometimes 100.00$ or more.I know that their are other customers spending more than we do and that you do care about your customers if their is a complaint or not but just please! would you restart selling to us the cappuccino nestle that says Original word on it because we used to buy it at your stores in windsor and now it's been almost three years that you don't carry them and honestly we are surprised i used to buy everytime i needed some 4 packages and price used to be 3.97$ all of them used to be at the same price the cappuccino Original,cappuccino latte, and the Mocha etc...made by nestle now they are sold at 4.47$ or 4.57$ they have the same price but the cappuccino that you are carrying today in your stores in windsor are differents from the one that says Original on it sincerly and it's been almost 3 years that you don't carry them i don't know why anyways it is not my business but i know that wal-mart it is a big company with almost 4,000 stores or more and that you do care about your customers i hope that you restart carrying the cappuccino that or which you used to have them in your stores in windsor,ontario the one that says Original on it because it's got a different taste and delicious honestly unless you don't sell it anymore may be because it is more expensive but i don't think that this is the reason because the packages are the samething and sizes and price was the same as the others were. and about the babies wappers you used to carry the one that or which was scented or it' got a parfumed and were ticker i don't know if you could restart selling them because i believe that lots people like to buy them including us and probably others won't like them may be their are some childrens or babies who are allergic to the one it's got the parfume anyways this is my suggestion if you'd like to restart selling them i'm certain some customers would like to purchase them and that not all the childrens or babies are allergic to this kind of parfumed wappers if you have them i will buy them and this is all about i hope that you don't mind that i wrote to you about all these things or give you my suggestion and hope you take in consideration what i said and finally it is up to you as manager of your stores and thank you sincerly i hope to see all these two things in your stores and we like your stores.

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    ANONYMOUS USER Feb 03, 2013

    Go to the Walmart in the us, they carry alot of products which windsor does not

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