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Walmart - Terminal/Trainyards

: 450 Terminal Avenue, Ottawa
: (613) 562-0500
Store Hours
Mon - Fri:7:00am - 11:00pm
Sat:7:00am - 11:00pm
Sun:7:00am - 11:00pm

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Nov 29, 2013

    Answer the phone, no one answers the phone...calling electronics, phone is ringing off the hook. Then you get disconnected. Called again and again and still no answer...poor customer service.

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  • Janet Nov 21, 2013

    Get someone in the departments to answer the phone. I have been listening to the phone ring in hardware for the last 5 minutes. Finally someone from paint department has finally answered, and is now having to go to hardware to check on the item I want. Not good service.

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  • Anonymous 4289 Nov 11, 2013

    HOW the Prices go Up Walmart. About two months ago I was a this WALMART in the chocolate section I think, and I was searching for a specific product. I found the product. The price had I sale sticker. I looked under and the regular sticker was showed the same price. I concluded the that the employee had forgotten to take out the regular price to place one with a higher price. And that's how Walmart and probably all your grocery stores increases the price. The more insulting is they put a Sale Price over so you think you buy at a barging price. That's cheating and dishonest.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Oct 18, 2013

    Hi...I just met the nicest cashier. Her name was Gina. I believe she was a managermanager. I had just bought a lil grocery cart and wasto going to use it for my way home. She was off work after me and stayed to help me assemble it. It's been awhile since I met such a nice person.

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  • Jane Sep 02, 2013

    Hire more white people who have because I cannot understand alot of the immigrants ...and when I ask about a product they pretend they dont understand what I mean. I asked about queen sized pantyhose and the immigrant lady said what is queen? THen there are no carts so please get more carts and have more people in your depts please who know the products!

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    Kate7968 Sep 04, 2013

    That's being racist lady...there are more immigrants working for a decent living than begging on the streets like other "white people" being an immigrant doesn't mean you can't speak English!!! And what the heck is queen Pantyhose?!?!?! Who uses that?!?!

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    jen Nov 12, 2013

    queen size pantyhose are for FAT women

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  • ANONYMOUS USER May 20, 2013

    HIRE MORE PEOPLE....The store is huge so everytime they decide to change things around you can never find what you are looking for.. and trying to find an employee.... well good luck and when you finally do find someone they ethier don't know where the product is...they will just point at an isle or some direction in the store sending you on a treasure hunt, I love Walmart.... but the SUPER STORE.. any SUPER STORE... I'M NOT A BIG FAN, to big, takes the fun out of shopping and waiting in lineups for 30 minutes at a time to cash out.... is not my idea of fun.

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    gperron Sep 03, 2013

    it,s true , every time i go there , i can never find prices or reps !

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Mar 27, 2013

    Staff and management far more reliable than the newer and won't last long Ogilvie locaton.
    If you don't have a car or need things now this is a good option.
    Still prices for Seasonal on sale items are 60% or more expensive than U.S.
    Comparing Costco.com to Costco.ca is just depressing.
    Watertown NY Population 20k Ottawa 1 Mil. Toronto's the 4th largest city in North America and still we buy into this markup scam?

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    Jane5518 Nov 09, 2013

    This walmart is alot better than the trainyards location, nicer staff, better managed store.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Mar 06, 2013

    More regular cashes less express. Waiting fifteen minutes in line is ridiculous and frustrating when you see one or two regular cashes with huge lineups and five in express with two people waiting

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Mar 06, 2013

    It would be awesome if when there's huge lineups at the cash they would maybe switch a couple of people from six express lanes that are open to some to the normal lanes which usually has one maybe two cashes open. It's faster to go to Orleans than go there including the driving time

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Feb 14, 2013

    I purchase a lot of items from Wal-Mart Trainyards. Recently I purchased a Sunbeam Humidified. I have used other brands of humidifiers for years without problem. The one I bought at your store has completely stopped working after a very short usage, as I was away all of January. Wanted to let you this Sunbeam Ultrasonic Humidified SU1400-CN, made in China is not up to the standards I expect from Wal-Mart.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Jul 15, 2012

    this location is the best one over all

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Aug 05, 2013

    The store is frustrating. The scales for weighing the food that costs per kilo are not in good locations, and some are broken. Almost NEVER do you find the shopping carts indoors ready for use. This is bothersome for moms with small children, others who do not have the luxury to walk around the parking lot to search for one amongst the traffic. The clothing department for children is frustrating because for kids aged 3-4 the clothing is not to be found in the baby area and can't be found in the little boy area. There are signs that hint they may be there - but all you find is up to 24mo.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Jul 01, 2013

    please consider carrying this amazing delicious product. it is a snack bar called "nice & natural" made in Canada Markham On. L3R2Z5 by shandz natural foods they are dairy & wheat free (gluten)

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