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Walmart - Stevenson

: 680 Laval Drive Oshawa ON
: (905) 438-1400
Store #1056 Hours
Mon - Fri:7:00am - 11:00pm
Sat:7:00am - 11:00pm
Sun:7:00am - 11:00pm

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  • Amberlea Barter Jul 15, 2014

    Today I was not disappointed once but 2 times. I was going to take back a video game when I noticed that I had misplaced my credit card. So I called the Stephenson Walmart and asked that they take a look and see if I had left my card there. They then put me on hold 3-4 times. When she came back on the line she told me that the manager had left for the day and that I could call back the next day. I said no because I was going to take something back and I wouldn't want to make a second trip if it were there. So again she put me on hold. Anyways needless to say took way to long to find management to let me know if they had found my credit card. Then I called customer service to find out that I couldn't take back a video game that has nothing wrong with it. The plastic was taken off and that was all. So from now on I will not be buying any electronics from your company ever again. I am outraged because I had an experience before where in shipping the product had been damaged and I didn't find out until I opened the product. The DVD had an extremely large scratch across the disc so it wouldn't even play and this company made me feel like the bad guy. Instead they tell me to go through all these steps to get my money back. No I bought it from your company and in buying it from this company I hold you accountable for this damaged product. So all in all overly not impressed with your customer service and I'm to the point where I am absolutely certain I will not be shopping at any of the walmart establishments. Thank you and Bye P.S No one told me that DVDs and Video games were final sale.

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  • P. Bell Jun 23, 2014

    I called your store at 9:43 am and waited on the line as instructed and nobody answered. That is lost business. I will go somewhere else.

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  • Carolyn Jun 13, 2014

    Walmart, Stevenson Rd., Oshawa. At approx. 4:15 pm, Thursday, June 12/14, I was hoping to purchase an Apple2 IPod in the Entertainment Dept. After waiting for assistance, I found Myrna hiding by the cash register behind a blind spot reading the newest edition of the Walmart magazine. I asked Myrna if they had an Apple 2 in stock and she informed me that they were not made any more and no, they didn't have one in stock. I asked her if she would phone the North Oshawa store to see if they had one in stock. I was told that no, they didn't not have one in stock and "I told you they weren't being produced any more". My daughter had just purchased an Apple 2 1 week ago from Walmart in North Oshawa. This is the second time the service has stunk in this dept. for me. I also think that Myrna should be given retraining lessons on how to respond to a customer and that she should not be reading a magazine on company time when a customer is standing and waiting for assistance. I would like to hear back from the manager of the Entertainment Dept. advising how this attitude has been addressed.

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  • Nancy1781 Aug 24, 2013

    Every walmat is terrible when it comes time to restock their shelves.As for waiting for costomer service,I find their older employees are more helpful then then the youngins who realy dont care about anything then receiving ther checks.

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    ANONYMOUS USER Oct 30, 2013

    Nancy 1781 that may have been the year you were born in so I can understand the bitter attitude towards the younger generation. They all have to start somewhere, I would be looking more at the leadership skills of the older generation they need to start leading them into the right direction.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Feb 24, 2013

    Got accused of shop lifting today when the cops checked me I had nothing in my pockets, I will never be back to this location I have had to many bad experiences and it makes me mad because I spent over 4 grand over the holidays... I made a comment on Facebook to find so many more comments that were horrible about this location store... Maybe you should rethink management ...

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Mar 30, 2012

    you should make it easier to see store stock online. I am driving to canadian tire since to far to walmart and I cannot find out if you have what I want in the store.

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    ANONYMOUS USER Jul 05, 2012

    Yes, because the people working at the store totally control the nation wide website.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Jan 19, 2012

    hey looking for your hours of operation, when are you open?

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  • Ellan Britton Jul 14, 2011

    We went to Walmart today to buy a weed hound. We parked in the handicap space across from the gardening section. We walked over to the gardening section only to find it all locked up and we were unable to get in there. We then had to walk to the next open door which was a fair distance from the gardening section. We went in and got to the section that we wanted to be in, and were quite surprised to find there was no staff in there for assistance. We located what we wanted and had to walk quite a long way to the cashiers as there were none in the garden section. We do not use self serve machines so we trudged on to the first open cashier, who was closing after the person in front of us, needless to say we were not very happy at this point. We ended up going to the express cashiers quite a way from where our car was parked.n I always thought that the customer came first, but it seems that I was wrong.

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Jan 23, 2013

    When you finally get thru to the dept. you want, there should at least be someone there to answer after 15 rings. What good is this serviceif you can't find out what you are looking for.

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