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: 8124 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray
: (780)743-8506
Showgirls prides itself on being the Ultimate Adult Playhouse in Edmonton, Alberta for the past 12 years. Bringing you the most beautiful women in the adult industry every week for your pleasure. With the recent total renovations of all three Showgirls we've change the way people see adult venues. No longer are they the dark dingy male only watering holes. Over 25% of our new clientel is now single and married woman enjoying a problem free, fun and exciting night out.

Hours: Open 7 Days A week:
Sun-Thurs: 6:00PM-2:30AM
Fri&Sat: 4:00PM-2:30AM

Ladies Always Free!

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  • FormerStripper Sep 01, 2014

    Men are perverted fools because strippers are there to fish all your money out of their wallet and they're experts at it, just saying...

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  • CornHolyO Feb 20, 2014

    Showgirls is one of the best stripclubs period. High quality girls and shows

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  • Meeee Nov 24, 2013

    Oh how religion blinds people to the realities of the world. Guess what! Putting religious and moral restraints on people is a major cause of the problems of the world. How many priests have raped, murdered and molested in the name of god. News flash. Men like tits and always have. We are in an age where many people realize that it's ok to have fun . I have met many girls who have worked at showgirls to put themselves through university and are happy, successful, normal people. Showgirls is a great place to have fun and enjoy life. Most of the victims out there are self made ones. Get a grip on reality and know that showgirls is a business. If people didn't like them, they wouldn't be in business. How the eff did a post about an awesome adult night club become a religious debate? Strippers are great and put a smile on our faces so go showgirls!!!!!!

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Sep 24, 2012

    oh thou SPIRIT OF PORNOGRAPHY, How many lives have you ruined, how many homes have you wrecked, how many abortions have you fathered, how many suicides have you caused, how many women have you raped, how many children and (babies)have you molested, how many have you made to ponder their sexual identities or making them question there sexual orientation, how do you feel in your silks and heels know
    ing your causing someone's lust to soar, how do you justify yourself robbing innocence saying you are glamorious, turning on a person, but not able satisfy, making others their victims, and that you were born naked and free, how many prostitutes have you murdered, how many serial killers have you created, how many boys have you sodomized in there tender ages, you are blinded by the smiles on there faces, nieve of the concequences of your actions, how selfish are you to think that you are so beautiful that ALL must see YOU! do you know what is the hearts of Men, only GOD KNOWS that.

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    CornHolyO Feb 20, 2014

    Hey jabronie, your idiocy is alive and well I see. Why search out info on a ft. Mac rippers, just to preach your opinions to all the sinners who just want an address or review? So get a life, go pray for forgiveness for your own sinful thoughts, and stop your effing preaching. Go widdle a crucifix shaped dildo n jam it in your sinning ass.

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    ANONYMOUS USER Mar 18, 2013

    It's amazing the ignorance that exists in the world. That's all I will say on this idiotic post...

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    ANONYMOUS USER Jan 03, 2013

    Get a grip freak !

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Apr 13, 2013

    oh thou SPIRIT OF PORNOGRAPHY, not sure why this post is even here since its practically slander and accusational and so wrong on many levels. for instance any man who cheated on there wife was going to no matter what it wasnt a stripper or porn that made that happen and wrecked a home. Its simple the husband and wife not dealing with there issues. same with serial killers and everything else in the list wether there was porn or not they were going to do the things they do. People need to stop letting others off the hook by putting the blame somewhere else porn didnt make monsters they were already there.

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    BPAndrew Apr 16, 2013

    You raise a good point - as the operator of this website I do not approve negative direct attacks on businesses, employees or emotional posts about specific situations. Personal issues gets filed as private complaints visible to the business owners only - technically the comment in question to me is more of a moral attack on a concept - not directly this business or any specific person in general - so I approved it (although I personally do not agree with it) - you are free to down-vote it if you wish - If it gets enough down-votes it will be hidden from the public like negative youtube comments

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Jan 22, 2014

    hey ! i just would like to say like hi

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  • ANONYMOUS USER Jan 22, 2014

    where do i sign up ?

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